A Most Simple PHP MVC Beginners Tutorial

A few months ago, a friend of mine started taking courses about web development. Like (almost) everyone else he began learning PHP and soon enough he was asked to develop a small handmade MVC application. So he went on the internet and started searching easily understandable tutorials, only to find out there was not that many good guides out there. Let’s fix this.

Memoization, Speed Up Your Javascript Performance

Now that web apps and websites are getting bigger and bigger, performances have become a really important point to focus on. This article will introduce you the concept of memoization that will allow you to improve your functions performances through some cache mechanisms.

Fasten your seatbelt, I’m starting the engine!

Currying, Spice Up Your Javascript Functions

Currying is an interesting technique that will power up your functions usage. In this article we’re going to explain it from basic example to some more advanced use cases and you’ll see that knowing this pattern, will give you some extra power as a developer.

It’s time to cook, let’s spice it up!

Git Bisect Your Bug Hunting Best Friend

Are you a bug hunter? Are you desperately trying to find where a bug was introduced in your long git history? If the answer is yes, you’re going to be happy to meet git bisect

Deploying a Rails App on Your Own Server - the Ultimate Guide

Recently I’ve been giving life to a project of my own and I had to go through some steps to get the Rails app up and running with the best possible conditions.

In this tutorial, I’ll try to show you how to deploy your Rails app on a secured Ubuntu Server 12.04 using Capistrano, Unicorn, Nginx. Part of my setup includes MongoDB and Sidekiq so I figured I would also explain how I configured those two.